Safety Tricks for Mobile Phone Screen Repairs

Be it an Iphone 6 repair or the screen repair of any other phone, you need to be very careful. Getting Iphone 5 screen replacement done might prove to be a troublesome task due to the fact that the model has not got out of date. However, if you get the latest models also repaired, there are certain things that you need to get done. Here is the list of Safety Tricks for Mobile Phone Screen Repairs.

These are as follows:

Make use of right ESD-Safe tools

Once your phone gets damaged your first approach is to get it back in working conditions as soon as possible without having to incur a lot of expenditure. However, you should be very careful of not using the alternative tools or the ones that are cheap. Go in for the most authentic repair. Do not let the technicians make use of their thumb nail so as to open the front as well as the back cover of your mobile phone. The low-cost mobile opening tools are meant for such things. Similarly, there are several such activities that you need to take care of. Ensure that the technicians have the T4, T5 as well as the T6 screwdrivers.

Protection against ESD

ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge. It refers to the sudden flow of the electricity between the two electrically charged objects. This is caused due to any contact between the two. So as to avail the ESD protection, wearing an ESD-Safe Apron plus ESD-Safe Slippers in addition to ESD-Safe Hand Gloves Plus Anti-static wrist strap is a must. Working on well -grounded ESD mat is also suggested. This ensures that there is no unnecessary static electricity from your body that gets transferred to your phone while repairing.

Make use of ESD-Safe Tray

Whenever you disassemble the mobile phone handset then make it a point that you place all of the parts in the separate compartments of the tray. This will help while reassembling.

All in all, these are the Safety Tricks for Mobile Phone Screen Repairs. Ensure the same while you repair your phone so as to make sure that you do no harm to your phone.

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